Hey there! Thanks for stopping by Half and a Third. We combine our skills in woodworking and design to make quality goods for the home.

Inspired by mid-century modern design, vintage flea market finds, and cheeky humor; we strive to make goods that have a simplistic beauty & modern charm.

We work mainly out of our Philadelphia Studio located in the historic Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia; but like to day dream, brainstorm, and run our daughter Kali and dog Sofie ragged at our home in thePhilly 'burbs.

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Where does the name come from?

When we were thinking of a name we wanted something unique. Ian, an avid music collector, was reading a book on harmonics and the chapter title was “Half and a Third”. Something in that just struck a cord (😅) with us and we kept finding parallels with the name and our life - Katey is one of three kids, Ian is one of two, and we liked to say we’re half of each other and our dog is the third. Now that our baby Kali arrived she may take over the "third" title - sorry Sofie!


Half and a Third, Ian Stafford, Katey Stafford


Ian Stafford - Woodworking

Born with a hammer in hand, I have always been surrounded by builders and makers. Seeking inspiration through nature and architecture, I work with found objects and reclaimed materials to create one of a kind objects that are equal parts form and function.

Katey Stafford - Design

I'm a designer, art director, maker, part time product photographer, and a mom. When I'm not working I try to enjoy the great outdoors; especially when it involves the sun, sand, and a happy baby.